Evolution For Honedge Revealed

By Jared Scott on September 30, 2013, 1:25PM EST

Perhaps you remember the reveal of the Pokémon Honedge, a new addition to Pokémon X and Y. Now, with only two weeks until the global release, this three-eyed sword and scabbarded Pokémon's evolution has revealed itself.

Taking the name Doublade, this Pokémon shows that two heads, or blades in this case, are far better than one. Literally two Honedges working in unison, Doublade also exchanges its blue color scheme for pink and purple. Doublade also looks like it is attached to a floating display that holds the crossed blades together. Other than its obvious physical changes, Doublade will also be able to learn the move Sacred Sword which is not affected by the statuses of the enemy Pokémon.

While Doublade could be the final evolution of Honedge, fans will have to wait and see until either Pokémon X and Y are released or GameFreak decides otherwise. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y release worldwide October 12.

Source: PokemonXY.com

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