Fossil Pokémon Revealed For Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

By Jared Scott on September 23, 2013, 9:54AM EDT

With less than a month away from its global release, two more Pokémon and their evolutions have been revealed from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. This time, the Pokémon come from restoring one of two fossils found in the game.

First up is Tyrunt. Restored from the Jaw Fossil, this little guy is described as over 100 million years old. He is also selfish and will throw a fit if he does not get his way. His species is Royal Heir with the ability Strong Jaw which powers up moves like Crunch. He is also a Rock/Dragon type which means his Dragon Tail move will receive a power boost.

Once he evolves, Tyrunt becomes the fierce and intimidating Tyrantrum. A noticeable change in this Pokémon is that his small "collar" has expanded and he has grown a "crown" and a white beard. This gives Tyrantrum the appearance of a ruling king. His species also changes from Royal Heir to Despot Pokémon. If you look closely at his name, you will see there is some wordplay on the word tantrum. Looks like he's a bratty as ever.

The other fossil Pokémon you can choose to restore is Amaura who comes from the Sail Fossil. This particular Pokémon is much less fierce in appearance and looks similar to a miniature Lapras with head ribbons. Estimated to be as old as Tyrunt, Amaura is a Trundra Pokémon and a Rock/Ice type with the ability Refrigerate. One advantage to restoring this Pokémon is its ability to learn Aurora Beam early on in the game.

After its evolution, Amaura becomes the more powerful Aurorus. While its Species, Type, and Ability do not change, Aurorus gains some interesting moves for battle. One of these moves is called Freeze-Dry, a brand new move only in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. What makes Freeze-Dry is so useful its ability to leave enemies frozen for a time in battle which can tips the odds in your favor. It is also one of the only Ice type moves that are super effective against Water type Pokémon.

Out of the two fossil Pokémon which one best catches your interest? Will you go for the spoiled Tyrunt, the elegant Amaura, or simply skip over them both? Let us know your opinions (and your favorite dinosaur) in the comments below.

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