New Details Emerge For Wii Fit U

By Jared Scott on September 18, 2013, 10:16AM EDT
Wii U

After a decent wait, Nintendo has finally released more details concerning Wii Fit U. In a Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo's Presidents Iwata and Reggie not only discussed new features to the game, but also prices and release dates.

Fans of the original Wii Fit will be happy to know that Wii Fit U includes nineteen new activities, including dancing. This means that the total of exercises racks up to the huge number of 77. Adding a new peripheral, the Fit Meter is making its debut. A small, circular device that attaches to the hip, the Fit Meter is used to register the calories you burn while you are on the go. It also has the ability to record your steps taken, the intensity of your walk or run, the change in altitude, your target calories to burn, as well as tell the time, the current temperature, and much more. The data recorded on the Fit Meter can be transferred to the Wii U pad to update your exercise records. Because the records can tell the difference between a casual walk, run, or climb, the differences are displayed on graphs by using different colors. Each color represent the type of activity you were doing as you were moving.

The Wii Fit U also includes a rather helpful feature. If you happen to miss your calorie goal for the day, Wii Fit U will suggest several activities that can help make up for the calories you did not burn. To also encourage walking, Wii Fit U can set your walking goal according to a famous location such as a Mount Fuji. As you walk, the game will calculate how far you have travelled if you were actually traversing up a mountain.

Using online functions, you can create a gym community with other players. These communities can be closed so you can keep it between you and your close friends.

As exciting news, Wii U owners who have a Wii Balance Board can download Wii Fit U for no charge for a single month if they download it between November 1 and January 31. However, if you buy a Fit Meter and synch it to your system, you will keep the digital copy of Wii Fit U forever. The Fit Meter's MSRP is only $19.99. After January 31st, the free version of Wii Fit U will be replaced with a full priced download. Also to note, those with a 8GB Wii U will need to purchase an external hard drive to fit the full Wii Fit U game onto their system.

For those who want a physical copy of the game, a retail version with both the game and Fit Meter will be available on December 13 as well as a bundle that includes the Wii Balance Board with the game and meter.

Wii Fit U releases digitally on November 1 and physically December 13 exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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