New Slim PlayStation Vita Model Announced

By Spencer Pressly on September 9, 2013, 2:32AM EDT

Sony has announced a brand new slim model for the PlayStation Vita to release in Japan October 10th. The slimmer Vita will have a very similar look to the original Vita, but this time it is a bit lighter. This new model of the Vita will cost 18,980 yen. Also in tradition with Sony announcing an update to a console, plenty of bright new color options will be available to choose from in Japan.

Along with the slimmer Vita, the updated model will have an extra hour of battery life, this makes the system last over 6 hours now. Each model will now have a gigabyte of memory on the system from the get go. Although now memory cards are discounted in Japan similar to Europe and North America.

Finally a brand new 64GB memory card will be available to buy in Japan starting October 10th alongside the new model. Hopefully Sony will be bringing this new model of the PS Vita to the west shortly after the October release in Japan. Let us know what you think of the updated slimmer Vita model in the comments below.

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