Nintendo Explains Banning The Binding of Issac

By Jared Scott on September 5, 2013, 9:34AM EDT

While Nintendo has boasted its support of indie titles, one title has been blocked from releasing in their digital stores. This game is none other than Team Meat's The Binding of Isaac.

Dan Adelman of Nintendo expressed that he would like to see the game come to Nintendo's digital stores, but that the indie title violates one of their rules: no religious themes. Adelman further stated that Nintendo must "remain true" to their rules.

For those who may have not heard of the game, The Binding of Isaac is Team Meat's interpretation of the Biblical account of Abraham and his son Isaac. In the game, Isaac is a boy trying to escape from his mother who wants to sacrifice him after watching various Christian broadcasts and hearing a voice from above who she believes is God. It doesn't take much imagination to see why The Binding of Isaac would be seen as controversial, if not blasphemous, from Nintendo's family audience.

How do you feel about Nintendo's stance on religious content in games? Is it the proper rout to block all real-world religious content or should game developers be able to publish their games on any system regardless of religious content?

Source: IGN

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