Pachter: PS4 Will Outsell Xbox One At Launch

By Darryl Kaye on September 29, 2013, 2:49PM EDT

Michael Pachter has stated that he believes Sony have done enough with the PS4 to make it outsell Microsoft's Xbox One when they launch during November.

Ignoring all of the media circus, Pachter based his predictions off of shipping numbers. "Sony's has already announced the PS4 has a million pre-orders," said Pachter. "So the answer for Sony is a million the first day."

Pachter went on to state that he was "surprised Sony took a million pre-orders" and that Jack Tretton has confirmed to him that "we're going to have a lot more units behind that at launch."

Due to this assertion, Pachter believes Sony will sell 1.5 million PS4 consoles during its first few weeks on sale. In contrast, Pacter expects the Xbox One to sell around 1 million during the same period.

Source: GameTrailers

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