PS4 Demand Leads To Sony Factories 'Running Flat Out'

By Darryl Kaye on September 1, 2013, 9:59AM EDT

Sony has stated that their production factories are working flat out in order to try and meet the demand for the PS4 around the world.

The news came from Jim Ryan, who's the head of Sony Europe. When speaking to Edge Online, Ryan said "Factories are going to be running flat out the way demand is looking."

Ryan then continued to say "There's an awful lot of core gamers out there now and we will be selling to them certainly in this part of the world."

There has been considerable hype surrounding the launch of the PlayStation 4, which is now confirmed as to be taking place on the 15th of November in North America. Europeans will then be receiving the console two weeks later on the 29th.

Sony has also announced the launch line-up for the console, which will see 33 titles available on launch day. 15 of these titles will be available as physical boxed games, while the others will be available to purchase online via the PlayStation Store.

Source: Edge

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