PS4 Has 'Three Key Advantages' Over The Xbox One, Says SCEA's Boss

By Mike Sousa on September 12, 2013, 4:04PM EDT

According to Jack Tretton, president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, the PS4 has three very important advantages over Microsoft's new console, the Xbox One. Tretton mentions that the console's power, price, and its wide variety of games are the key factor for the success of the PS4.

"[There are] three key advantages, we've got the most powerful machine on the market; $100 cheaper than our competition; and most importantly, the biggest, most diverse exclusive line-up of any platform ever launched, and that's what's really going to drive the sales for us in the long term," said Tretton to Fox, when discussing the benefits of the PS4.

The President of SCEA also said that Sony is in a great position right now, mainly thanks to the company focusing on the customer and providing the necessary tools to producers to create the best possible experiences. "And we see competitors come and go. We've had formidable competition in the past, we'll have formidable competition going forward. You get laser-focussed on your business vision and you execute what the gamers want," concluded Tretton.

The PS4 will be released on the 15th of November in North America, arriving at Europe two weeks later, on the 29th of November.

Source: Fox

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