Sony Talks About PS4 Sales And Video Capture Of Games Over HDMI

By Mike Sousa on September 19, 2013, 8:26PM EDT

Sony revealed during its presentation at Tokyo Game Show the PS4 will support video capture of games over HDMI. In addition, Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony, revealed that the company is expecting to sell five million PS4 by the 31st of March, 2014.

Unlike the PS4, the PS3 featured HDCP over HDMI, which meant that video capture on the PS3 was only possible via component and other analogue cables. Brad Douglas, head of Third Party Relations for Sony, said on Twitter, "I think we just announced that we're going to allow video capture of games over HDMI!"

Back in August, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One would also support video capture over HDMI, something that was also present in the Xbox 360.

The PS4 will be released on the 15th of November in North America, arriving at Europe two weeks later, on the 29th of November.

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