Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Arrives On PS3 This Winter

By Mike Sousa on September 26, 2013, 7:38PM EST

Namco Bandai has announced that the next chapter in the Soul Calibur franchise, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, will be available this winter in North America and PAL regions. The Soul Calibur's spin-off will be a free-to-play title available exclusively for the PS3.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords' gameplay will focus on single player and mission modes, offering a highly customizable solo gameplay experience. Unfortunately, this might mean that the game won't include a multiplayer component. At the moment, only 3 playable characters were confirmed: Mitsurugi, Seigfried, and Sophitia.

According to the press release, the game will also include a brand new item discovery and forging system, with players having to strategize which weapon to use in battle since the game will also include elemental-based fighting mechanics. This means that every weapon in the game will have an element associated with it, and knowing its strengths and weaknesses is crucial to winning the battle.

"The SOULCALIBUR series has long been known for its substantial single-player modes over the past 14 years. SOULCALIBUR LOST SWORDS allows the development team to expand the solo-fighting game concept further than it has ever gone before with new loot-drop gameplay, elemental-based weapons, and deep character customization options that the series is known for," said Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President for NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S.

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