Wii Sports Club Coming To Wii U

By Jared Scott on September 18, 2013, 10:29AM EST
Wii U

Acknowledging the popularity of Wii Sports, Nintendo it going the way of HD collections by releasing an updated version of the beloved Wii title. Renamed Wii Sports Club, this title will not only include better looking visuals, but also online features and multiple purchasing options.

The software itself is free to download, but the titles must be purchased separately starting with Tennis and Bowling. In fact, the Wii Sports Club software is described more as a hub to buy the games than the games itself. Also, the Wii Motion Plus will be required to play since the updates to the games also include better accuracy.

Another new feature included in the game is online play. You can play online with friends by registering with clubs. These clubs correspond with both states and regions. For bragging rights, each club will have its own ranking board to compare players' stats against one another.

There will be two methods of purchase for Wii Club Sports. You can use a Club Pass, which lets you buy each title for $9.99, or you can use a Day Pass that lets you play all of the available sports for a full 24 hours for $1.99. However, once you download the software, which is free, you will be able to use a Tryout Pass. This Tryout Pass lets you play each game free for 24 hours as well but with no charge.

Wii Sports Club will be available for download on November 7 exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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