Check Out The Rest Of The AquaPazza Character Introductions

By Melissa Evans on October 26, 2013, 8:43PM EDT

Since the release of AquaPazza is less than a month away, we have for you the remaining character introductions ready for your viewing pleasure. We have grouped each character together as they appear in their respective games.

First up we have Oboro, Touka, and Hakuowlo from Utawarerumono: Lullaby to the Dying. Oboro is a bandit who is passionate on the battlefield, but he might just have anger management problems. Touka the warrior who has a weakness for anything cute and fluffy. Hakuowlo, the honorable Emperor of Tuskur who wields a powerful metal fan. Atlus has also released a trailer featuring the characters from Utawarerumono showing them in action.

Next up are four characters from the ToHeart series. Multi from the original ToHeart and Konomi, Manaka, and Tamki from its sequel. Multi is a cheerful maid robot who uses her mop as a weapon to wipe the floor with her opponents. Konomi uses her bookbag to thrash her enemies. Manaka while seemingly a timid person, she has a supernatural affinity with books. Tamki is your typical overachiever who has hidden talent in pro-wrestling.

Thirdly, the two maidens from Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth, Riannon and Morgan. Riannon is a kind-hearted oracle whose affinity for spell casting is only rivaled by her affinity for flowers. Morgon loves nothing more than eating and hunting.

And finally AquaPazza's lone member from the game Kizuato, Chizuru. She uses her powerful yet creepy claws to cut through her foes.

AquaPazza will be available for PS3 in North America on November 19th for $29.99. Check out our previous character introduction post for details on the rest of the cast.

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