DC Universe Online Gets Visual Upgrade For All Consoles

By Mike Sousa on October 24, 2013, 2:58PM EDT

DC Universe Online, the MMO based on the DC comics, will receive a new update to prepare for its PS4 launch. Larry Liberty, the game's executive producer, revealed that the update, named Game Update 31, will not only improve the quality of the PS4 version, but the PC and PS3 versions as well.

According to Liberty, Game Update 31 will improve the game's level of detail on textures and environmental geometry in order to deliver players a much better visual experience. Liberty added that certain areas such as Centennial Park and Robinson Park have been rebuild in order to match the story being told.

In addition to this, DC Universe Online will also see improvements on its levelling system, with changes on the character's progress from level 1 to 30, new content as players level up, and less chance of getting lost or stuck without a mission. Other additions include the fact that enemies are fighting and acting in more consistent ways throughout the game, side missions are now replayable, open-world bounties are now level 30, and more.

Game Update 31 will be available for PS3 and PC in early November with PC Testing servers being available this week. The PS4 version is expected to be released "within console's launch window," said the producer.

Source: DC Universe Online

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