Introducing The Limited and Collector's Edition of Infamous: Second Son

By Jared Scott on October 17, 2013, 2:12PM EDT

Infamous: Second Son, the third entry into the series, will be available in both a Limited and Collector's Edition that includes many goodies fans are sure to enjoy. While the Limited Edition is an automatic upgrade for those who pre-ordered the game, the Collector's Edition will cost a little more for its spiffy content.

The Limited Edition comes with two features. The first is that the game's case will be in a premium foil cover. The second and more important feature will be a DLC episode titled, "Cole's Legacy." This DLC will not be available for purchase during launch which makes those who pre-ordered the first to learn of the events after infamous 2 that lead to the events of Second Son. Once the DLC is beaten, players will unlock Cole's Jacket and can wear it in the main game.

The Collector's Edition will include a much greater amount of extra content than the Limited Edition. It includes exclusive cover artwork, a replica benie Delsin wears, eight pins Delsin wears on his vest in the game, a DUP patch, vinyl decals, the exclusive Legendary vest for Delsin in the game, and the "Cole's Legacy" DLC.

Infamous: Second Son releases later this year on the PS4 with the Limited Edition set at $59.99 and the Collector's Edition priced at $79.99.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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