Kingdom Hearts III D23 Trailer Released

By Spencer Pressly on October 15, 2013, 2:36AM EDT

The trailer for Kingdom Hearts III shown at the D23 Expo in Japan has finally been officially uploaded online. This newest trailer is all about the gameplay in Kingdom Hearts III and showcases the brand new attractions used in battle.

In the trailer we are shown Sora, Donald, and Goofy battling Heartless in Twilight Town. This showed off Sora dual wielding the Two Shoot Blaster that had Sora shooting down heartless with ease. After that we get to see the Pirate Ship attraction in action that acts just like the ride would in Disney World by moving back and forth with the occasional flip. The last part of the trailer has the trio facing against the (much larger than in Kingdom Hearts) Rock Titan from Hercules. In the battle Sora is using another attraction called Big Magic Mountain which lets you fight in a neon lit train. Finally the video ends with Sora and company jumping out of the train before it crashes into the Rock Titan.

Many small changes can be seen in this gameplay trailer and the biggest one being that the hud no longer features art for each party member. Each character now has a fully animated 3D model that moves, but doesn't mimic what the in game character model is doing. On the topic of hud changes Kingdom Hearts III seems to bring back various different looks for the command board similar to Kingdom Hearts II. We even get a brand new target lock on icon for the sake of good measure.

There are still many question unanswered by this trailer such as how much will we get to control attractions outside of command actions, how will other characters play, which new worlds will we see, and much more. Did the newest Kingdom Hearts III trailer live up to your expectations? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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