Phil Spencer Says That The 'Xbone' Nickname Will Stick

By Mike Sousa on October 8, 2013, 10:25AM EDT

With the Xbox One being branded as 'Xbone' almost since its announcement, the nickname has become quite famous, although some people like Major Nelson didn't approve it, calling it disrespectful. But not everybody at Microsoft thinks this way, with Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios boss, saying that the nickname didn't bother him, the fact that he didn't come up with the name did.

"At first, I guess the thing that bugged me the most is I didn't see it. I'd been looking at the name for Xbox One for months, and I wasn't clever enough to merge them and come up with Xbone," said Spencer to Gamespot. Spencer added that Microsoft will have to endure the nickname, but he believes that "it's going to stick," since it's a clever use for the name.

Despite Spencer's words, Microsoft doesn't seem to like the nickname, even going as far as securing the domain last month. The Xbox One will be released on the 22nd of November in 13 countries, arriving at rest of the world in 2014.

Source: Gamespot

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