Rockstar To Compensate GTA Online Players

By Darryl Kaye on October 14, 2013, 2:28PM EDT

Rockstar Games has confirmed that they will be compensating players of GTA Online, as a way of apologising for the recent character/progression issues.

There have been numerous reports of gamers losing their characters and also reports that people are flat-out losing their progression in the game. Rockstar is working hard to try and alleviate these issues, but to compensate players they will be offering in-game monetary packets.

The packets will come alongside the next major update for the game and will come in two $250,000 chunks.

In a message to the community, Rockstar said "Hi everyone, For those that are still having any technical issues, as mentioned above there is a title update coming next week that will include more fixes including the vehicle loss one "“ and we will remain committed to continuing to fine-tune the game to address any and all issues to get GTA Online running as smooth as possible."

GTA Online launched a few weeks after GTA V, but it has still suffered from many different issues. The most common issue was people simply not being able to get online and create their characters.

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