Xbox One Will Automatically Records Your Best Moments In FIFA 14, PS4 Doesn't

By Mike Sousa on October 24, 2013, 7:30PM EDT

The Xbox One version of FIFA 14 will automatically record key moments of your matches, including goals, saves and other amazing moments, said EA to Sporta. However, the producer confirmed that this feature won't be available on the PS4 version.

When playing a match on Xbox One, a notification will appear informing the player that a certain moment was recorded. Players can then access the recording and share it online via the Xbox menus.

As for the PS4, players will be able to record the last 15 minutes of gameplay, but in order to share these moments, players will need to edit the recording by establishing a start and end points via the PS4's "Share" button. The biggest issue with this method is the fact that it will be difficiult to edit footage from an online match, since players can only pause the game for a few seconds.

FIFA 14 is already available on current gen consoles, with Xbox One and PS4 being released on the same day their respective consoles launch.

Source: Sporta

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