Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Battle Modes Detailed

By Mike Sousa on November 26, 2013, 6:42PM EST

With just 2 months away from the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Namco Bandai has finally revealed more details regarding the battle modes featured in the game. In addition, the producer has also released a batch of new screenshots.

Dragon Ball: Battle of Z will feature four battle modes: Normal Battle, Score Battle, Battle Royal, and Dragon Ball Grab.

-Normal Battle: In this mode each team will be given a number of retries, with players being able to return to battle after being defeated by using a "retry". The first team dropping to 0 "Retry" loses the game.

-Score Battle: Knocking out players from the other team will be the key to win in this mode. By knocking out players the team will earn points, and the team with highest score after a certain amount of time will be the winner.

-Battle Royal: This will be a free-for-all mode, with knockouts earning the player points, similar to score battle. The player with the highest score after a certain amount of time will be the winner.

-Dragon Ball Grab: 7 Dragon Balls will be dispersed in the field with both teams having to search and fight in order to collect them. The first team to collect all 7 will be the winner, and if none of the team manages to do that, the winner will be team with the highest number of Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, will be available in Europe on the 24th of January, arriving at North America 4 days later, on the 28th of January. If you are interested in acquiring the game, don't forget that Namco Bandai has already revealed the pre-order bonuses and Day 1 edition of the game, as well as the Goku Edition for Europe.

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