Indie Game Dyscourse Looks Amazing, Needs Funding

By Adam Ma on November 22, 2013, 1:16PM EDT

What happens when an art major finds themselves trapped in a desert with a random assortment of survivors after a plane crash? Apparently an excellent looking game oriented around character interaction, leadership, and memory. An excellent looking game that needs your help.

Beyond the obvious story of survival against uncertain odds players will find themselves constantly forced to make decisions that not only effect the physical well being of the group, but will also develop relationships and social structure based upon how what actions you take as the game progressions. Because each decision ultimately bears consequence every action taken in game will splinter off and create new consequences, thus creating one of the few games where choice really does seem to matter.

Other mechanics include using your memory to recall important events, some combat, and a wee bit of stealth gameplay squeezed in there too. I hardly do the concept any justice, but what they have so far looks absolutely slick and it would be a shame to see their goal slip away. If you're interested be sure to check out the Dyscourse Kickstarter for more information on the title; and of course be sure to donate!

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