New Trailer Revealed For A Link Between Worlds

By Jared Scott on November 13, 2013, 2:24PM EDT

With the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between World rapidly approaching, Nintendo has released another trailer showing off Link's next adventure. While some content was familiar, the trailer revealed new details from character appearances to StreetPass functionality.

The trailer for A Link Between Worlds showed off content both old and new alike such as Ravio, the purple-rabbit salesman who lets players rent various equipment such as the bow. The staff was also featured but appears to have multiple functions such as shooting fire, ice, and even acting as a propeller to send Link up to the sky. Irene the witch was also featured and can be summoned by Link via bell.

Link's ability to transform into a wall painting was also shown off to some more to give players a better idea of how it will be used to clear dungeons and explore new areas. It also seems that transforming into a painting and slipping into cracks will serve as a portal to the shadow world. Gamers will also get a sneak peek at some bosses such as a large lizard that becomes one with the shadows.

StreetPass will be used in A Link Between Worlds to allow players to battle Shadow Links. These Shadows take on the attributes of players you encounter in StreetPass such as the number of their heart containers and weapons. According to Nintendo Direct, while losing to Shadow Link costs you nothing, winning gains you rupees that are determined by the strength of your opponent.

A Link Between Worlds releases exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on November 22nd.

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