PS4 & PS Vita Bundle Will Be Available This December

By Mike Sousa on November 22, 2013, 7:08PM EDT

Last month, Fergal Gara, Sony's UK VP and MD, stated that although Sony had no plans for a PS4 & PS Vita bundle, the concept was "becoming more real," which led many to believe that Sony would indeed release the bundle sometime after the PS4's launch. To everyone's suprise, it looks like the bundle will be available sooner than most thought, as Sony told MCV that the bundle will be available in December, sometime before christmas.

Apparently, Sony has great plans for its portable console, therefore, in addition to this package that will use the Remote Play feature as an incentive for its purchase, Sony will spend around 2.5 million pounds on advertising campaigns on television, as well as the console's exclusive that will release by year-end, Tearaway. The price and release date of this 'Ultimate Bundle' has yet to be revealed.

The PS4 is now available in North America, and will launch in Europe on the 29th of November.

Source: MCVUK

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