PS4 Won't Support 3D Blu-Rays

By Darryl Kaye on November 13, 2013, 12:35PM EST

It's been revealed, via the official PlayStation 4 manual, that the console won't support 3D Blu-ray movies when it releases.

This can be considered quite surprising, as Sony have been pushing 3D technology quite a lot in the past few years. The PS3 was also updated to play 3D Blu-ray movies, as well as 3D games.

The manual also reiterated that the PS4 won't be able to play CDs, but it will also be unable to play BD-RE v1.0 and BD-R/RE XL.

To further highlight how strange this, the PS4 is fully capable of playing 3D games. However, the decision has been made to remove support for 3D Blu-ray movies. There is still the chance this could be added in via a firmware update, should there be enough demand from consumers, but Sony hasn't officially commented yet.

Source: PS4 Manual

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