Team Bondi's Newest Game Stated to Release In 2015

By Melissa Evans on November 3, 2013, 11:27PM EDT

The newest game from L.A. Noire studio Team Bondi will not be playable for a few more years. According to Job listings at KMM Interactive (the firm that had acquired the rights last year to studio founder Brendan McNamara's next game) suggest that the new title called Whore of the Orient will be complete by 2015.

Whore of the Orient is described as a "narrative action adventure title" that is "similar in style to L.A. Noire." The game will also make use of the MotionScan technology that previously brought characters to life in L.A. Noire. Whore of the Orient is presently in pre-production, with full production said to begin sometime early in the coming year and to run through the middle of 2015.

Last month it was revealed that Whore of the Orient will be a next-generation game for both consoles and PC. The game puts players into the "most corrupt and decadent city on the planet." Shanghai in the year 1936. The game's description states that it's a "boiling pot of Chinese nationalism," with Kuomintang forces attempting to suppress the spread of Communism while a group of Western police officials try to keep the peace. It is not clear who the protagonist of Whore of the Orient will be.

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