Final Fantasy VIII Re-Released On PC

By Jared Scott on December 5, 2013, 2:58PM EDT

Final Fantasy VIII is now available today on PC courtesy of Steam and the Square Enix Online Store. This comes just six months and a day after the Steam release of Final Fantasy VII.

While not as well received as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII was praised for its battle system experimentation by using the junction and draw systems. It is also one of the more popular titles amongst female gamers for its high school flavored story between the main characters Squall Leonheart, Rinoa Heartilly, and Seifer Almasy.

This version of Final Fantasy VIII also comes with several updates. One of these features is titled Magic Booster which will power up players' spells. There is also Steam cloud support and a total of 45 achievements. For the first time, Western audiences will also be able to play Chocobo World. Originally released on the Pocket PlayStation, players play as Boko the Chocobo who is out to save his friend Mog from an evil demon.

Final Fantasy VIII is available on Steam for the price of $11.99.

Source: Steam, Square Enix

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