Man Shot Dead While Selling A PS4

By Mike Sousa on December 2, 2013, 10:12PM EDT

The release of a new console is always an important event for gamers, with the demand often being superior to stock available at retailers, leaving online sites such as Amazon or ebay as the only way purchase a sold out console. However, even in the middle of all the enthusiasm regarding a console's launch, there are some rare exceptional cases, where the release of a new console might lead to tragic events.

Yesterday, a man that had made an online arrangement to sell a PS4 console was fatally shot multiples times in San Francisco's Bayview District, with the shooter taking the console and fleeing the crime scene. The police has already identified the suspect, who will be charged for murder and attempted robbery.

It's unfortunate that some people are willing to go as far as killing just to get a console, and this, in turn, will be another example that the media will use to add more firepower to their argument that, "Video Games are BAD!" The PS4 is now available in both North America and Europe.

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