Candy Crush Saga Creates Trademark Ruckuss

By Jared Scott on January 22, 2014, 12:20PM EDT

After its rapid success, King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, began to file trademarks for many potential game titles that contained the word "candy" and more recently attempted to trademark "saga." With this said, they have now turn their attention over to another game title that they believe is infringing on their trademark called The Banner Saga.

King filed a notice of opposition against Stoic Games because while they do not yet own the trademark of the word "saga," they do own trademarks on many titles with that particular word in it. For those unfamiliar with trademark law, its purpose is to prevent customer confusion between products. This is King's defense in filing the notice of opposition.

Gamers may remember a similar case some time back when Bethesda of the Elder Scrolls franchise got into a trademark scuffle with Mojang's use of the word "scrolls" in their card game Scrolls. While everything ended well for the two companies, there's no telling how things will go for King and Stoic Games.

Until things are settled between the two companies, gamers can still get their hands on Candy Crush Saga on iOS and Android while The Banner Saga can be purchased from Steam.

Source: PCGamer

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