Future Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Maps Detailed

By Darryl Kaye on January 15, 2014, 5:26PM EDT

Two new maps have been detailed for Killzone: Shadow Fall, which Guerrilla Games has announced will be made available for free.

The two locations, which are said to be inspired by the single-player campaign, will be fully compatible with the game's Custom Warzone feature and will offer very different combat experiences.

The first, called The Cruiser, has been made for close-to-mid range combat. It is set in the confines of an ISA Cruiser, with plenty of choke points. The second, is called The Hangar. This map is quite the opposite, offering a wide, expansive area which is going to be great for sniping.

Guerrilla Games also stated that they are working on the first piece of full DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall. However, they will be revealing more information about this at a future date.

Source: Killzone.com

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