Gamers Will Choose Battlefield 4's Next Balancing Patch

By Jared Scott on January 24, 2014, 12:40PM EDT

Patches for video games are rather commonplace in the modern age of gaming, but DICE, the creators of the Battlefield franchise, are doing something a bit out of the box. For Battlefield 4's upcoming patch, they want the players to choose what changes and tweaks will come in the game's next patch.

Going to the Battlefield Blog, players can choose from five possible tweaks to the armory of Battlefield 4. They are giving attack boats defenses against aircrafts, increasing the power of the FGM-148 anti-tank missile by 25 to 34 percent, decreasing the power of stealth jet cannons, various power increases and decreases to the Fast Attack Craft cannons, and buffing the MBT and IFV Canister Shell.

Just by reading the descriptions of each possible change it seems clear that any of these tweaks could have a significant affect on the game hence having the players vote on the change. Perhaps having gamers choose what happens in Battlefield 4 is a sign of things to come for more of EA's many IPS.

Source: Battlefield Official Blog

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