Nintendo Greatly Cuts Sales Expectations

By Jared Scott on January 17, 2014, 10:26AM EDT
Wii U3DS

It seems that even in early 2014 Nintendo will suffer from noticeable setbacks in the area of finances. While reducing projections for the Wii U is nothing uncommon for Nintendo, it is unexpected to see expectations reduced for the 3DS.

The Wii U was originally projected to sell 9 million units by March, but that number has been majorly reduced to 2.8 million. In turn, the 3DS was estimated to sell 18 million units but the numbers have been revised to 13.5.

Sadly, the bad news does not end there. With the reduced expectation in console sales, Nintendo has estimated that this will lead to a 25 billion yen loss compared to their original estimate of 55 billion yen profit. Some of this loss comes from the then unpredicted decision to slash the price of the Wii U and its various bundles.

While 25 billion yen translates far less into the euro and dollar, any financial loss for Nintendo is sure to raise concerns for both investors and gamers alike.

Source: IGN

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