PS Vita Sold More Than Wii U Throughout 2013 In The UK

By Darryl Kaye on January 13, 2014, 2:11PM EDT

Through the sharing of UK console sales from 2013, it's been established that the PS Vita managed to outsell Nintendo's Wii U platform, despite the PS Vita struggling to get a foothold in the market.

To put things even more into perspective for the Wii U and perhaps highlight how few Wii U consoles were sold, sales of the PlayStation Vita were actually 41.5 percent lower than the previous year.

Despite this, sales of Nintendo's other console, the Nintendo 3DS, were very strong. With three versions (3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS) now on the market, this system was the best selling throughout 2013.

For the other publishers, despite only being on the market for just over a month, Sony sold more PS4 systems than they did PS3. This meant Sony's two home consoles charted 3rd and 4th respectively in the overall sales rankings.

Microsoft continued their good performance, with the Xbox 360 being the second best selling console in 2013 - the Xbox One was pipped to the post by the PS4, with this system charted 5th, after being on the market for just over a month.

It's also worth noting that sales of software was considerably up compared to the previous year - as was revenue. Despite software sales only increasing by 5 percent, revenue from software increased by 27 percent on the previous year. This will have been helped by the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, which saw the RRP of games increase.

These figures will be concerning for Nintendo, as in 2013 the Wii U's main competition came from the PS3 and Xbox 360. In 2014, it will have to contend with these two systems, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, which seem to be gaining substantial momentum - already selling more units than the Wii U has managed since launch.

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