Sony Announces PlayStation Now At CES 2014

By Beyhan Moustafa on January 8, 2014, 9:38AM EDT

During their keynote at CES 2014, Sony announced their brand new online streaming service, PlayStation Now.

PlayStation Now has been made possible thanks to the acquisition of Gaikai back in 2012. Gaikai is a service which provides streaming of high end video games for mobile phones, TV's and gaming consoles.

The service will allow gamers to have access to a wide collection of past PlayStation titles from the original PlayStation, all the way up to the PS3. The service will be available on Sony's newly launched PS4, but also the PS Vita and PS3.

Also announced was a closed beta, which will commence in late January 2014. Sony then plans to roll out the service at some time during the summer months - perhaps following E3 or Gamescom, which they could use to provide more information.

The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are now playable through PlayStation Now on Sony Bravia TV's at the Sony booth at CES.

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