Sony Starts Sending Out PlayStation Now Beta Invites

By Melissa Evans on January 29, 2014, 12:26AM EDT

The first batch of PlayStation Now beta invites has recently been sent by Sony Computer Entertainment America, according to a NeoGAF user named tokyostomp. Be sure to check your email to see if you have been selected to be one of first testers for the "private beta" of Sony's brand new cloud gaming service.

The invitation states that in order to enjoy the all of the capabilities that the beta version has to offer you'll need to have your PS3 connected to your router via an ethernet cable and your internet connection must be at least 5mbps or faster. The beta is not available on PS4 at this time.

If you received the coveted mail, you may also want to hold your horses before you scramble to post videos on the internet Participation in the beta involves signing a non disclosure agreement, so think twice about posting videos on the internet about your experiences. The invitation has only been sent out to a small number of people whom have signed up for the PlayStation Now Newsletter. If you want a chance to be invited to the next phase of the beta it would be wise to sign up for the newsletter as soon as possible.


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