Minecraft Adds Spectator Mode

By Jared Scott on February 3, 2014, 2:23PM EDT

In one of Mojang's regular snapshot updates, a brand new feature has been added to the ever expanding Minecraft. On top of fixing a slew of hindering bugs, a spectator game mode has been added to the PC edition of Minecraft.

Though Mojang has explicitly said that this feature is not completely finished, spectators will be seen only by other spectators, can view other gamers' inventory without actually touching the contents, pass through any object with out affecting it, and click on characters to "take their camera." However, they will not be able to use items or interact with blocks. There are some bugs in spectator mode, but Mojang reports being aware of them. As of now, there is no announcement to bring this feature to the other versions of Minecraft.

Though it may be a while for spectator mode to come to the console and portable versions of Minecraft, this feature will surely benefit those who want to seek ideas from other players and players who want their work untouched.

Source: Mojang

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