Nintendo Launches Animal Crossing Drawing Event

By Jared Scott on February 21, 2014, 3:07PM EDT
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Further making the Miiverse an interactive experience, Nintendo has launched the The Four Seasons of Animal Crossing drawing event. Using the eShop title Art Academy: SketchPad, the Miiverse community has the opportunity to not only display their creativity, but also be acknowledge by Nintendo itself.

The event was announced on Miiverse by Aya Kyogoku, the producer of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In her announcement she mentioned how the many drawings inspired by The Legend of Zelda and The Year of Luigi gave her the idea to create a drawing event based around the Animal Crossing franchise and its changing seasons.

Kyogoku made mention that members of the community should not feel intimidated by a possible lack of art skills. The picture's originality can greatly make up for other factors. Aspiring artists should also be pleased to hear that there will be a total of twelve winners with each piece representing a different month.

As far as rules are concerned, gamers should be aware that the images must be drawn using Art Academy: Sketchpad, feature at least one member of the Animal Crossing cast, they can only make on submission in the comments, the month represented must specified in the image, and once posted Nintendo holds the right to publish the drawing both online and offline royalty free.

While there is no physical reward, having Nintendo praise one's drawing will certainly look good on a portfolio. The event will end on March 16 or once a total of 1000 images have been posted in the comments.

Source: Miiverse

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