PS4 Sales Double That Of Xbox One In US In January

By Mike Sousa on February 17, 2014, 5:49PM EDT

According to NDP's numbers, the PS4 managed to sell nearly twice as much as the Xbox One in the US, during the first month of 2014. Estimatives indicate that the PS4 sold 280,000 units, with the Xbox One selling 145,000 units.

"The response has been fantastic. In the US, PS4 was 1 in sales for next-gen consoles in January, nearly doubling the nearest next-gen competitor. And PS4 remains the cumulative leader here based on today's report from the NPD Group," said John Koller, Marketing vice president at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

On Microsoft's side, Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing, strategy and business, Xbox, focused on the Xbox brand's perfomance, stating that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 captured 47% of market share. "January NPD Group figures released today revealed Xbox* sold the most games across all console platforms in January with 2.27 million units sold, making up 47 percent of software market share. Fans continue to show their excitement for new generation Xbox One games, with U.S. consumers purchasing an average of 2.7 games per console since launch," said Mehdi.

With the PS4's launch in Japan happening this weekend, the number of sales of Sony's next gen console is sure to get a huge boost.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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