Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark Announced

By Mike Sousa on February 17, 2014, 2:37PM EDT

During the Hasbro Preview event, which took place yesterday during the American International Toy Fair, a new Transformers title was announced, Rise of the Dark Spark. The console versions of title will a third-person shoter, just like it's predecessors, while the handled version will be an RPG.

Rise Of The Dark Spark will feature a single player campaign that will let players chose between 40 different characters, and which side they want to affiliate themselves, either with the Autobots in order to protect the Earth, or with the Deceptions in order to destroy the Earth.

The title will also feature two online cooperative modes up to 4 players, a co-op story campaign, and a mode entitled Escalation, in which players have to survive several waves of enemies. In addition, it has been confirmed that experience obtained in single player campaign and cooperative modes will both carry over to the development path of the player's character.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark will be available this June for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, and 3DS.

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