Call of Duty Ghosts Devastation DLC Announced

By Adam Ma on March 7, 2014, 2:06AM EDT

The next chapter in the Season Pass for Ghosts has just been announced and it probably comes of no surprise to see Infinity Ward bolstering their game with additional maps, another chapter of Extinction and a slick new gun that launches a somewhat ahead of the pack. Only if you have the Season Pass of course, but if you're already invested in expansions down the line the gun is as good as yours anyway.

The four maps are all mid range to small in size, and will toss players into more action-oriented levels than what we've seen so far. Ruins will pit teams against one another in a Mayan style temple at the base of an active volcano, Behemoth takes place on a massive earth excavator where players can add falling to their list of things to be concerned with, Collision throws players onto a ship that's half-crashed into a bridge and Unearthed is a remake from Modern Warfare 3 fan favorite Dome.

Each level has its own unique killstreaks and one even features aliens from Extinction mode, which means that the map is so unique it'll probably become the next Fog in popularity level.

Joining the maps and Extinction chapter (which will feature a fight against a kraken and some customization weapons) is the new Ripper SMG, which can switch between being a close range high powered SMG or a long range assault rifle class weapon. Be sure to check the DLC preview trailer for more information, and look forward to our full review of the DLC when it goes live this April 3rd.

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