Capcom Store Releases Several Mega Man X Soundtracks

By Jared Scott on March 24, 2014, 5:49PM EDT

It wasn't long ago that the North American Capcom Store began to release the digital soundtracks of the original Mega Man series, one by one, until all ten games were represented. Not yet satisfied, Capcom has now released four digital soundtracks from the Mega Man X series.

Known for its rock and roll style, the music of Mega Man X through Mega Man X4 can be purchased digitally for $8.95 each. Those who have purchased previous Mega Man soundtracks from the Capcom Store may recognize the increase in speed at which these albums are being released. Generally, the digital albums would be released in increments of roughly one per month, but, according to the Capcom Store's Twitter feed, all four of the Mega Man X albums were released simultaneously. This could mean that the remaining Mega Man X soundtracks will not only be made available very soon, but that Capcom will also release the soundtracks of other Mega Man series such as Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Battle Network in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the release of the Mega Man X music? Do you think Capcom is trying to please fans or just grab a quick buck? Let us know your opinion as well as favorite Mega Man tune in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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