Drakengard 3 Has Nier Themed Costumes As A Pre-Order Bonus

By Melissa Evans on March 4, 2014, 8:50PM EDT

Square Enix announced that they would have three different tiers for pre-order bonuses for Drakengard 3 in North America depending on how soon you pre-order the game. The first tier that ended on March 3rd contained the Japanese voiceovers for the game.

Tier two pre-order bonus is the Nier costume pack allows you to dress Zero as Kaine and in a costume that gives her the appearance of the protagonist from Nier Replicant. It also puts a Emil Hat on her dragon companion, Mikhail. This tier will run from March 4th till April 8th. Tier three will contain an unannounced bonus that can be obtained when you pre-order the game between April 9th and the launch date of the game.

On a side note for those who are interested, Square Enix has also begun translating the Drakengard 3 prequel novellas that were originally published online in Japan. You can read the first chapter, "Zero," on game's official website.

Drakengard 3 releases on PlayStation 3 in North America on May 20th and on May 21st in Europe as a digital only title. The collectors edition will be available in North America exclusively via the Square Enix Online Store for $79.99 while the standard edition runs for $49.99.

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