Steam Family Sharing Is Now Available To All Steam Users

By Mike Sousa on March 2, 2014, 4:05PM EDT

Valve has announced that Steam Family Sharing, the service that will allow users to share their game library with other individuals, is now available to all Steam users. The service has been in Beta since September, with Valve releasing a FAQ explaining some details and restrictions regarding the service.

Steam Family Sharing will allow users to share their game library on up to 10 different computers and 5 different accounts, but game saves and achievements will remain separate. However, not all games can be shared, with titles that require require a subscription fee or third-party key being only available to the account's owner. In addition, DLC will also have restrictions, with Valve stating that guests won't be able to access a game's DLC if they own the game.

Users need to be online in order to get access and play any of the games in the game library, however, multiple guests can't be playing at the same time, with only the account holder having unlimited access to the games in the library. If the account holder starts playing a game, anyone playing a shared game will only have a few minutes to either stop playing or buy the game.

With the service now available, Valve has warned users to be cautious with who they share their account with. An account holder can see its account banned during 24h and its sharing privileges revoked if a guest uses the shared library to either cheat or commit some kind of fraud.

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