UK Retailer Selling Xbox One For £299

By Mike Sousa on March 18, 2014, 1:57AM EDT

If you live in UK and are thinking in acquiring an Xbox One, then you are in luck, as UK online retailer GameSeek has announced a temporary price cut for the console, which will happen later this week. This deal is part of the site's 'Co-buying' promotion, with a limited number of consoles being available for limited period of time.

Gamers will be able to purchase an Xbox One, along with a copy of FIFA 14, for £299, which is £100 cheaper than its standard price at other retailers. In addition, Titanfall will also have its own deal, with the retailer revealing that gamers will be able to buy the Xbox One version of the title for £30.

To know or receive notifications of when the deals go live, head on over to GameSeek.

Source: GameSeek

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