Walmart Will Soon Enter The Trade-In Business

By Jared Scott on March 18, 2014, 11:16AM EDT

GameStop and Amazon will soon be joined by another large company hoping to become a part of the used-game business in the United States. Starting March 26, Walmart will allow customers to trade in their video games and consoles in return for store credit.

Walmart has also provided an exchange rate calculator for gamers to determine the value of their games and consoles online. The process of trading video games can also be done online but the consoles themselves must be taken to a Walmart store to receive credit. The store credit comes in the form of a gift card that is redeemable at either a Walmart or Sam's Club store. The used games and consoles that Walmart receives will go through a refurbishing process and later sold by the company in "like new condition."

How do you feel about another company entering into the used-games market? Let us know you thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Source: JoyStick

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