Actor Todd Stashwick Removed From Upcoming Uncharted Title

By Mike Sousa on April 22, 2014, 9:00PM EDT

According to IGN, Todd Stashwick, actor and writer for Visceral Games' upcoming Star Wars title, has been removed from the next Uncharted title, which will be released for the PS4. In addition to Stashwick's removal from the title, Naughty Dog's lead artist Nate Wells revealed today that he left Naughty Dog earlier this month.

Todd Stashwick was the voice in the Uncharted PS4 teaser trailer, and by the looks it, he was going to play the game's main villain. "They chose to recast my role," said Stashwick to IGN.

Stashwick is currently working on Visceral Games' unannounced Star Wars project alongside former creative director and writer of the Uncharted series, Amy hennig, which left Naughty Dog in March. In addition to Hennig and Wells, the former game director of the next Uncharted title, Justin Richmond, has also left Naughty Dog.

Source: IGN

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