Mario Kart 8 and Wii U Bundle Discovered Online

By Jared Scott on April 17, 2014, 10:11AM EDT
Wii U

Console bundles are nothing new in the world of video games, but this particular bundle has been discovered before its official announcement. This bundle is none other than Mario Kart 8 and the Nintendo Wii U Premium.

From the leaked image, we can tell not only that the bundle will include Mario Kart 8 and a black Wii U Premium, but also a week trial of the Nintendo Wii U Karaoke app. The bundle will supposedly release the same day as Mario Kart 8, but, with Nintendo not commenting on the discover, nothing is set in stone. Hopefully, Nintendo will soon clarify details in an official announcement such as the bundle's price.

Mario Kart 8 releases April 30th exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.

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