Microsoft Gifting 7 Days Of Xbox Live Gold To Those Affected By March 11 Outage

By Mike Sousa on April 4, 2014, 8:04PM EDT

On the 11th of March, the day of Titanfall's release, several Xbox One users were unable to log in on Xbox Live, preventing them from playing multiplayer games, accessing their save files. Microsoft acknowledged the problem, and is now going to compensate all those affected by this issue by offering a week of free Xbox Live Gold.

"We know you experienced an issue signing in on your Xbox One on 3/11/2014. We apologize and will soon give you 7 days of Xbox Live Gold for your inconvenience," reads the message that Microsoft sent to all those affected by the problem. A Microsoft representitive has also confirmed that Members unaffected by the outage won't receive the 7 days of Xbox Live Gold.

Microsoft stated that Titanfall's release had nothing to do with the outage, but the source of the problem has yet to be revealed.

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