Nintendo Direct: Masahiro Sakarai Details Online Ranking and Code of Conduct

By Jared Scott on April 10, 2014, 9:09PM EDT
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In order to make the upcoming Super Smash Bros a greater and more respectful experience, Masahiro Sakarai discussed both a unique ranking system and a code of conduct that will be enforced once the game releases. His hopes are that both of these features will solve some problems gamers have faced before in the game's predecessor, Super Smash Bros Brawl.

The ranking system in Super Smash Bros. will be based strongly on the number of gamers who own a copy of the game. For instance, if there are one million gamers who play Super Smash Bros. and a single player has a rank of 10,000, then that player is better than 9,999 other players. However, there will not be a ranking system for online multiplayer. Sakarai assured his viewers that there will be some form of online pairing for battles, but that it is still in development.

To assist in enforcing SSB's code of conduct, anonymous matches are no longer possible. From now on, when players battle, their Nintendo IDs will be viewable. This will hopefully help Nintendo quickly identify violators of the code. Some of these violations include dropping out of a match in the middle of battle, using cheats, repeated self-destructs, repeated targeting of a individual, and so forth. Sakarai also warned that if a player falsely accuses another of a violation that the deceiving party will be punished. Punishment will come in the form of temporary online bans, but, if violations continue, the bans will increase in length even to the point of permanent removal from online play.

While the new ranking system does raise some concerns for online match-making, the new code of conduct and its enforcement could very well be a breath of fresh air for many online players.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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