Performance Gap Between Next Generation Systems Is Not Disappearing

By Melissa Evans on April 4, 2014, 9:08PM EDT

A couple of days ago XboxAchievements posted a segment of an interview with Lorne Lanning, entitled "Performance Gap Between Xbox One And PS4 Will Disappear, Says Oddworld Creator". had already scheduled an interview of their own with Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilray, so they had a golden opportunity to ask him questions since the article gained a ton of attention online. It turns out that Lanning's words had been completely misinterpreted, and in reality it would be "physically impossible" for the Xbox One's performance to match PlayStation 4's:

"Actually that is NOT what he said. I spoke to Lorne afterwards and what he meant when speaking to that guy was that budgets, schedules and perceivable differences would narrow, NOT that the Xbox One performance is improving to align with PS4, that is just physically impossible. The PS4 has MORE COMPUTE units, and faster memory and a whole bunch of things, that would make that physically impossible to happen.
As I imagined, then, Lanning had been merely referring to development costs and the likes, certainly not the performance "“ the hardware can't change, after all, and there is only so much that a driver update can do."

Will Xbox One will start getting 1080P@60FPS titles out to the public anytime soon? Let us know what your thoughts on this theory are in the comments below.


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