Sony Hints PS4 Cross-Platform Chat And More In User Survey

By Mike Sousa on April 3, 2014, 7:35PM EDT

Sony has sent a survey to every PS4 owner, which hints the possibility that Sony might consider adding new features to its console in future, based on demand. The survey, which can be seen below, mentions many features, most of which are already available on Xbox One.

The questionnaire includes suggestions like cross-platform chat with PS3 and PS Vita users, including the option to party chat with more than eight people at once. Sony also appears to be looking at the possibility of users changing their PlayStation Network username, as well as the ability to be invisible, which means that you can be online but your other users won't know it. A reputation system, similar to how Microsoft is doing with Xbox One, also appears to be on Sony's mind.

Other additions mentioned in the survey include an advanced matchmaking system, allowing players to pair up with players at their level or their preference, and notifications when your friends come online. PS4 users can answer these questions by selecting an option on a scale that goes from "very appealing" to "very unappealing".

Do you think that the PS4 needs these features? Are there any other ideas you would like to be added to the console? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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