Square Enix Shutting Down Its India Operations

By Mike Sousa on April 15, 2014, 8:54AM EDT

Back in March 2013, Square Enix opened its first office in India, with the objective of working together with Indian developers to develop mobile games for the Indian market. A year after its fundating, Square Enix has announced that its operations in India have been shut down.

During these 13 months of existence, Square Enix India didn't develop any title, and although the developers were working on several projects, not even one was approved by Square Enix Japan. All of Square Enix India's employees have been laid off, with Atul Vibhandik, ex-vice president of Square Enix India, confirming that Indian operations have been closed, but refused to comment of the reason of the closure.

Despite the fact that no titles had been released, this event was unexpected, considering that Square Enix had entered the Indian market with a long-term view. "If this contest helps us discover some great games, that'll be fantastic, but more than that, we're looking for promising talent whom we can work with in the long term. I envision that three years from now, there will be hit titles coming out of India that the world will enjoy, and five years from now, top Indian developers will be well known on the global stage," said Yasuhiro Fukushima, honorary chairman at Square Enix.

With Square Enix India now closed, it's rumored that the same might happen to Square Enix in Latin America, with multiple projects being cancelled at the office. Do you think Square Enix is finally doing the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: mcvindia

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